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Because of you and so many others, we can call ourselves Great Builder. We Will support you in selling your property from start to finish.

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Being a Seller in Best in Move

We provide a massive and lucrative opportunity for the sellers to increase their earning potential.

You'll in no way be too far from your home search. Your new home comes with an industry-leading innovative home suite that keeps you connected with the people and place you value most. A dealer donation is when the dealer of property chips pays a portion of the ending costs, generally in volition to a lower purchase price. When homebuyers offer a home below the listed price, a dealer has to offer to pay some of the freight due at the end instead of accepting the lower purchase price. Both parties profit from the arrangement since the cash demanded at the end is reduced for the home buyer, and the listed trade price remains complete for the dealer.

It Works

3 easy steps to add listing property in our portal.


Search Property

As a buyer you can search property in a few minutes. Just fill out our simple form with your desired filters and property details.


Schedule a Visit

If a seller likes your property they will request for your contact details. Both parties will receive contact information and then arrange for a visit.


Deal Closure

Owner and tenant meet to close the deal directly. No Broker can help create a rental agreement and deliver it to your doorstep.

Advantages Of Becoming A Seller

You can maximize your potential to start and build successful business opportunities and earn maximum returns by becoming a seller.

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  • Fair Deals

    When it comes to dealing in properties, a seller might think of saving big. Well, now, you can post your property-related details on the Best in move portal, completely free of charge.

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  • Pricing expertise

    Though we provide only the best and experienced agents for the home inspection, we also offer an online valuation of your property, depending on the location.

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  • Pick your schedule

    Our agents show a lot of flexibility with their scheduling because you essentially get to be your boss. Therefore, you have the power to schedule your meetings so that you can make some personal time to achieve other essential goals as well.

Payment flow

We follow a quick, reliable, and secure payment flow so that you can gain maximum benefits in this rewarding industry.

Add Property Details

Get started by registering yourself and fill all details like Name, Email Id, and Mobile Number.

Buyer Will Search

Start referring our latest properties to your near and dear ones who are looking for property in a particular location.

Buyer will Pay

Our executive will contact the referral shared by you after verifying the details and understanding their property requirements.

Get 90% property price

Upon a successful site visit, you are eligible to earn an amount of Rs. 250 which will be directly credited to your bank account.

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